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Holiday Recipes BlogPic

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Forgot that it's Thanksgiving? Check out some sweet (and savory) dishes from our family to yours. 

By Rebecca Collins

SC DigitalJiminyCricket TemplateBlog Thumb

A Proposal for a Virtual Jiminy Cricket

Many scenarios for the future of AR are terrifying. But what if it can make us better people?

By Scott Smith

SC SketchyBlog Thumb5

Being Sketchy at Work

You too can harness the power of communication through crappy sketching.

By Maria Janosko

Blog Thumb

Listening Like an Expert Beginner

We have a fervent belief in listening as the most important skill to bring to redesigning organizations, experiences, and systems.

By Scott Smith

SC ThoughtsTemplate TheEnlightenedBusinessBlog Thumb

Thoughts on Enlightened Business

We're four years old and doubling down on our mission and values. Here are the people and organizations inspiring us along the way.

By Talie Smith

SC ThoughtsTemplate ThisIsHungerBlog Thumb

Bold Steps for Engagement

Our client went to great lengths (literally) to reach a larger audience with a traveling exhibit about hunger in America. When they came to our town they managed to reach us, as well.

By Becca Connors

SC Thoughts Exhibit Thumb

An Exhibit with a Story To Tell

Our endless curiosity around telling more complex, vibrant stories had us building an exhibit that tells a story of our work and its impact on organizations.

By Talie Smith

Blog Thumb2

Moving Toward Equity

Working with a foundation has made us take another look at how we want to do business in the world and work toward building community.

By Scott Smith

SC JoiningCorporateCulture Thumb

The Revolution of Corporate Culture

It turns out having a guiding purpose has far-reaching effects on all aspects of our work.

By Talie Smith

Tools thumb

Tools of the Trade

Tools can either make your work life amazing or frustrating. Meet our favorites.

By Scott Smith

making ourselves pt4 thumb

Building Ourselves, Part Four

Choosing a platform for your website is – it turns out – quite an important, personal matter. 

By Becca Connors

website compilation thumb

Building Ourselves, Part Three

After we changed our name and our look, the next step was to re-do our website. Here's what we did and why.

By Scott Smith

village thumb

It's the Village

A story of friends, neighbors, and a little bit of business mixed in. The story of Smith & Connors is one of community.

By Talie Smith


A New Home in PDX

Our PDX office has moved! We're in a great new office in the Hawthorne district.

By Smith & Connors

makingourselves2 thumb

Building Ourselves, Part Two

With a new name in place, we needed a new logo and brand.

By Scott Smith

makingourselves1 thumb

Building Ourselves, Part One

We recently changed our name and our look, a change that came out of the same process we use with our clients. 

By Scott Smith

branding thumb

Branding Sans Cynicism

Good branding is important, no matter what your organizational goals.

By Scott Smith

blog newname

New Name...Same Great Taste!

Big changes are afoot for us, starting with our new name and brand.

By Smith & Connors

searchfest ballroom

SearchFest 2015

In which we attend an eclectic and impactful conference right here in Portland.

By Scott Smith

strategy thumb

Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

We love it so, so much because it saves everyone time and complexity.

By Scott Smith


Storytelling, SEO & SEM

As we head to SearchFest, we muse on storytelling and the art of SEO.

By Scott Smith

oculus rift grandmother thumb

Oculus Rift and the Future of the Web

The other day, I got a chance to try out the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. I'm convinced that Oculus is the real thing, and my 14-year-old self is cheering and asking when he can play Zelda on it. But what does it mean for the web?

By Scott Smith

silverstripe cms thumb

Why SilverStripe?

With countless content management systems to choose from, why did we choose New Zealand-based SilverStripe as our go-to CMS?

By Becca Connors

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