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15 Nov 2016

Welcome, Kylie!

By Kylie LaCour

I am so excited be joining the S&C team! After recently graduating, I interviewed at a few agencies and quickly realized that I wanted to be a big part of a small team where my voice would really be heard. Smith & Connors is just that place.

I grew up on Maui, though you'd only guess it by my area code (read: I suck at surfing). My obsession with computers and technology began at about nine years old, when my dad brought home a big cow-print box—our first Gateway computer. What followed was a blur of Netscape, AOL, Bearshare, SimCity 3000, and eventually Photoshop.

Oddly enough, I didn’t know what I wanted to study when I first moved to Portland. I began at Portland State as a philosophy major, then quickly discovered that really wasn’t for me. Subsequently, I took two years off of school working at local camera shops and developing my passion for photography and 120mm film. Eventually I decided I wanted a real career and ended up back at PSU in their incredible graphic design program. Everything fell into place and I’ve never believed more in fate.

As a designer and photographer, I’ve got a gift for noticing the details. I’ve been told I have the “eye” for design, which I find incredibly flattering. My process is meticulous and there is nothing more satisfying to me than a perfect grid underneath it all. I’m super enthusiastic about bringing my photography and my “eye” to the already-wonderful work that Smith & Connors makes.

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